3 Days in Porto - Porto is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Europe with a wealth of artistic and monumental heritage. It is considered as the capital of the north being the second largest city in Portugal. Portugal has constantly featured in the top 10 countries to visit as per the World Tourism Rankings and...
The Livraria Lello is one of the most beautiful book shops in the world and tops the list of attractions in Porto. Livraria Lello has ranked in the top 10 book stores of the world constantly but reached its pinnacle in 2010 when the Lonely Planet crowned it as the Third best bookstore in the World.
Whats New in NYC. The city that never sleeps and the most visited city in the USA and perhaps the world. The Vessel @ the Hudson Yard The High Line. The Oculus @ the World Trade Centre.
One of the jewel's in the portfolio of the National Trust is Wadesdon Mannor. A magnificent country home and Estate surrounded by the Oxfordshire countryside and the Chilterns Hills. Waddesdon is just a short train ride away from the hustle and bustle of London and an ideal place to relax in the English countryside.
After watching it on Chefs Table on Netflix I could not wait to visit the much talked about ramen shop run by Ivan Orkin - Ivan Ramen The legendry chef self-described as the Jewish kid born in Long Island with the Head of a white Jewish guy and the heart of a Japanese running ramen shops in Tokyo and New York.
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