Have you ever visited a Lavender field in bloom? It is an absolute sensory treat of colour and fragrance. I have always wanted to visit Lavender fields after a visual treat on the internet of Provence in France. Did you know that England is home to one of the top 10 Lavender Fields in the World? This is when I decided to share my experience of visiting the Best Lavender Fields near London.

Best Lavender Fields near London
Lavender Fields near London

Things to know about Lavender.

  • The evergreen plant gets its name from old French – lavandre and ultimately from Latin – lavare (to wash) The Ancient Romans named it after using it for bathing rituals.
  • There are 47 different varieties of Lavender which vary in shades from Lilac to Blue.
  • They require very little upkeep and most of them grow without any fertilizers in well-drained soil.
  • Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic properties and also useful for treating anxiety and depression.
Best Lavender Fields near London
Lavender Love

Best Time to Visit Lavender Fields Near London

Most lavender fields near London are open from early June to the end of August but the best time is visit is in July when they are in full bloom. It is always better to visit on a weekday as weekends tend to get very busy.  Visiting Lavender fields is a popular summer activity in England.

Tips on visiting Lavender Fields near London – Either visit early part of the morning or just before closing.

Best Lavender Fields near London
Lavender Fields in early August

My list of the Best Lavender Fields near London.

Mayfield Lavender Farm.

1 Carshalton Road, Banstead, SM7 3JA
Open: Monday-Sunday 9am -6pm
Tickets first come, first served
Adults £4, kids free
TIP: avoid weekends as it gets very busy, no picnics allowed here.

This is undoubtedly the closest Lavender Field near London and features on the Top 10 Lavender fields in the World.  

Best Lavender Fields near London
Mayfeild Lavender Farm

Mayfield Lavender Farm is in Surrey and is a short train ride from London. It is a very Instagrammable Place in London and the highlight is the Red Telephone Box in the middle of the field. Mayfield has a cafe and shop where you can enjoy beverages or sample some of the Lavender Products.

Hitchin Lavender Farm.

  • Cadwell Farm, Arlesey Road, Ickleford, Hitchin, SG5 3UA
  • Open: Monday-Sunday 9am-8pm
  • Tickets – Due to pandemic you need to pre-book tickets.Adults £7, under 4years free
  • TIP: Picnics are allowed so carry your own treats.

Lavender farms near London
Hitchin Lavender Field

Hitchin Lavender is farm is located close to both London and Cambridge in the village of Ikleford with spectacular views of the English Countryside. Home to roughly 35 miles of lavender rows which you can walk though. Apart from Lavender it also has a sunflower field. It has a 17th century barn which serves as a café offering homemade cakes and treats. Visit the museum which houses a replica of the Perks& Llewellyn Pharmacy, known for its Lavender Products.

Herbs of Heights @ RHS Wisley

  • RHS Garden Wisley, Wisley Lane, Wisley, Woking , GU23 6QB.Open: Monday-Sunday 9am-5pm
  • Tickets – Due to pandemic you need to pre-book tickets or via membership of RHS.
  • Adults £16.50, Child £8.20 – This is for the entire RHS Wisley Park  
  • TIP: Picnics are allowed. Combine your RHS visit with a Lavender treat.
Best Lavender Fields near London
Herbs of Heights @ RHS Wisley

The RHS Wisley is one of the world’s greatest garden and horticultural society dating back to 1804. It is very popular with visitors from around the globe and a with a diverse garden covering 240 acers. The Glasshouse with a vast collection of tropical plants and flowers from around the world is one of the highlights of RHS. A new section added is the Herbs of Heights. A display made up of 5,500 lavender and rosemary plants. Follow the spiral fragrant ramp up to the viewing mount for unparallel views of the park and lavender display.  

Castle Farm Lavender

  • Redmans Lane, Sevenoaks, TN14 7UB
  • Open: Wednesday -Sunday 10am-5pm
  • Due to pandemic you need to pre-book tickets
  • Adults £4.25 adult, £2.25 for 5-15-year-old.
  • TIP: Visit the Award-Winning Hop Shop and sample the Kentish Lavender and Honey.  Picnics are allowed.

Best Lavender Fields near London
Lavender Fields in Bloom

Castle Farm is a family run farm based near the scenic village of Shoreham in North Kent. The award-winning farm shop offers a range of produce from beef, apples, dried flowers, pumpkins and food essences. In the summer months it is popular for its Lavender fields and lavender products. You can enjoy the Lavender Harvest in August which transforms its beautiful blooms into essential oils.

Best Lavender Fields near London
thetrraveller @Mayfield Lavender Farm

So, after all you don’t need to visit Provence to enjoy those beautiful Lavender fields. My list of the Best Lavender Fields near London should help as a fix until you get a chance to visit some of the best Lavender fields in the world.

The top 10 Lavender Fields in the World.  

  • Provence, France.
  • Mt Shasta Lavender Farms, Montague, California, USA.
  • Mayfield Lavender, Banstead, UK.
  • Blues Dreamland, Beijing, China.
  • Warratina Lavender Farm, Victoria, Australia.
  • Goseong Lavender Festival- Gangwon-do, South Korea.
  • Lavender Farm Guest House, Franschhoek, South Africa.
  • Furano Lavender Fields, Hokkaido, Japan.
  • Hvar, Croatia.
  • Bridestowe Lavender, Tasmania

Lavender Love – Lavender Fields near London.

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  1. So much lavender! We just went to a lavender farm in Virginia, but there was nowhere near this many lavendar bushes. I just love how full and vibrant those fields are. If I had to pick one though I would chose Mayfield Lavender Farm. Youre right, that red telephone booth is oh so instagrammable and sold me on it!

    • It is on in full bloom right now thus such a burst. Mayfield is very instagrammable indeed.

  2. I would never think of looking for lavender fields in the London area. So good to know there are some options. I have never enjoyed that wonderful sensory experience of being immersed in lavender smells. I will definitely need to add this to my worldwide list of places to see lavender.

    • London is not known for these Lavender fields but they are an absolute treat. Hope you can experience a Lavender field

  3. I had no idea! I’ve had Provence on my bucket list for so long because I’d love to run through the Lavender fields. Who knew I could see them not far from London!? I am definitely heading to Mayfield Lavender Farm just for the red London phone booth. I’m a sucker for a good instagram photo!

    • It’s quite surprising that such great lavender fields are a stone throw away from London.

  4. I think it would be a problem for my husband to get me out of these gorgeous fields. I have always heard of Provence when it comes to lavender fields, so it’s nice to know there are gorgeous fields in the UK as well. This makes for a great day trip to add to an existing itinerary.

  5. Oh wow ! Lavender fields indeed make for an awesome backdrop for photos and are very instagrammable. I have yet to see a lavender field in person, though I have seen a sunflower one in Romania, that too a day after I missed out on hopping on to the bus to check out the lavender fields purely out of laziness. And I regret it to this date.

    • The colours of the lavender fields in bloom indeed are very photogenic. Hope you can visit a lavender field soon

  6. 47 kinds of Lavender?! I had no idea! I would love to go to Castle Farms and get apples and beef and everything. Maybe I will put the California field on my list!

    • I was surprised to find out myself about the different kinds of lavender. Hope you can visit the one in California soon.

  7. For me this is informative in many ways.. Although I had heard about Lavender and have seen many pics , especially as computer wallpapers, I had never known about detailed use and commercial importance. And Lavender fields near London was interesting indeed.. But I don’t understand one thing.. Why there was ticket to visit these fields? Was that on Govt. Property or private property? In any way, it was interesting that besides other commercial uses, govt. can earn by using such fields as tourist attractions.

  8. I learnt quite a few interesting facts about Lavender. I did not know about the origin of the name. Nor have I actually seen the fields in full bloom. It would be quite amazing to see all of those, especially the ones in the top 10 in the world.

    • I discovered quite a lot myself putting this post together and reading about the lavender gardens. Hope you can visit one soon

  9. Wow! This is paradise. I love lavender since the scent is so relaxing plus I love the color. It would be a dream to visit this wonderful place. Will take note of the best time to visit. Will add this in my bucket list.

  10. Wow…Visiting a Lavender field is high on my list. I didn’t know that even the UK has Lavender fields. So good to know that one can actually visit one from London. Thanks for sharing the information about Lavender. Photos are quite inviting.

    • It’s great to have one not far from the heart of London. Hope you can visit one soon

  11. Could never think of such beautiful Lavender Fields near London. I would surely visit Mayfield the next time I am in London. Thanks for sharing another great place to visit when in London.

  12. Beautiful Paradise. I truly love to see flowers in full bloom. It is such a joy and treat for your senses. Loved your tip on when to visit. Let me add it to my travel Bucket list.

  13. Wow! There are very less flowers in this world which I like and lavender is one of them! I loved how you shared some amazing facts about lavender! Beautiful pictures and I will keep this in mind when I visit London! 😀

  14. A very useful list down of the lavender field sites, the Hitchin lavender field looks gorgeous! Hope to visit lavender fields some day, as I love both the color and these tender flowers, which you rightly mentioned are so therapeutic!

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