Budapest is a great destination for a long weekend city break, it’s beautiful with  loads of activities and not as expensive as some of the other European cities. Budapest is one of the most affordable European city breaks you could take and there is a lot to do and see for both adults as well as kids.

An early afternoon flight out of London (morning flights out of London to any European cities are much more expensive) with a flight time of 2.5hrs we landed in the beautiful city of Budapest , the capital and by far the most populous city of Hungary and one of the largest cities in the European Union.

A quick taxi ride (€25) to our hotel in the heart of the city and opposite the iconic Chain Bridge we were ready to hit the streets of Budapest.

First evening was spent walking along the Danube and the chain bridge followed by dinner and a sample of the famous Goulash.Goulash is a stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices originating from the medieval Hungary and a popular meal predominantly eaten here.

Plan : Spend the next 3 days in Budapest and enjoy this beautiful city.

Day1. If you are travelling with kids like I was, a good option is to try and get a deal on the hop on hop off bus in any of the main cities in Europe. We went with the 48 hrs pass which would cover our entire trip. Family of 2adults and 2 kids €66 for 48 hrs.

Places to visit :

Explore Fisherman’s Bastion a gorgeous combination of stunning city views and beautiful neo-Gothic architecture, Budapest’s Fisherman’s Bastion, located on the Buda bank of the Danube, is a must-see during any trip to the city.


Climb up Castle Hill above the Danube on the Buda side of the city. You’ll enjoy some more incredible cityscapes from the top of this famous hill. At the summit you’ll find Buda Castle, whose gardens are free to wander.


Explore the City Park which is home to the city zoo and one of its most famous thermal baths. You have to pay to enter the zoo and baths but you can avoid the entry costs in favour of strolling around and admiring the many statues, as well as the façade of Vajdahunyad Castle.


Stroll around the Jewish Quarter home to Europe’s largest synagogue and presenting a maze of narrow and picturesque streets and the historic neighbourhood is well worth a walk.

Marvel at the Parliament building arguably the most memorable of Budapest’s archaeological triumphs, this landmark on the banks of the Danube bears a striking resemblance to the Houses of Parliament in London.

The evening was spent walking around the city center and crossing the many bridges joining Buda and Pest together as one, the bridges of Budapest have an interesting history to read up on, and what better way to appreciate their history than walking to and from Buda and Pest. If you fancy ticking off the key bridges, don’t miss out Liberty Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge, Margaret Bridge and Chain Bridge.


 Day 2. After a nice breakfast we started the day with a free walking tour of the city the best way to get a comprehensive historical background and impression of a new city, this tour is easily the cheapest method for discovering the best of Budapest. Free Budapest Tours offer two tours every day, at 10:30am and 2:30pm respectively.

We passed some beautiful churches across the city, including the Cave Church near the base of Gellert Hill. It is St. Stephen’s Basilica with its two large bell towers and Neo-Classical vibes.


Next stop was the famous Hero’s Square,the largest and most impressive square of the city. This square was laid out in 1896 to mark the thousandth anniversary of Hungary. Heroes’ Square is one of the  most visited sights in Budapest  surrounded by two important buildings, Museum of Fine Arts on the left and Kunsthalle (Hall of Art) on the right, Heroes’ Square is also a station of the Millennium Underground.


Completing our tour of the famous sites we headed to relax at the thermal baths. Bathing is a major pastime for locals as well as tourists in Budapest, and there are plenty of baths to choose from. The thermal water is warm all year-round including the winter. Book in advance to get better offers but tickets are available at the entrance as well.  The most famous of all of the baths – and also Europe’s largest medicinal bath is Széchenyi, a sprawling Neo-baroque building that’s home to indoor and outdoor pools as well as a sauna and steam rooms. Another popular bath in Budapest is Gellert.


What an experience and one which is surely not to be missed if in Budapest. Spending some time here and rejuvenating ourselves we headed to the famous New York Café to feed our hungry souls.


We followed on to the top of Gellert Hill for one of the most memorable sunsets in Europe.


The evening was spent on a river cruise and this was an absolutely a treat with visuals that can only be experienced and not penned down.

A bit of shopping for the Mrs in the city centre and some souvenir before we finished of our day and headed to the hotel for some much deserved rest.

Day 3. We had a late afternoon flight home so the morning was spent with the kids on the Segway, a fun way of seeing Budapest and a very popular one to.

A quick walk along the Danube and it was time to head to the airport for flight home.

I must say it is very easy to fall in love with these two cities, Buda and Pest which are divided by the majestic River Danube. Although both sides are now joined by a number of spectacular bridges, they’re two very different places, each with a unique character, and each offering plenty to keep you busy.

The Must’s

Check out the beautiful views of Pest from Fisherman’s Bastion.

Marvel at the interior of St. Stephen’s basilica.

Relax at the thermal baths.

Try the traditional Hungarian goulash at the Opera House.

Eat cake at Cafe Ruszwurm.

Free things to do in Budapest

Walk across Chain Bridge and you will understand why Budapest is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Danube’.

Take a free walking tour.

Walk up to the summit of Gellért Hill for panoramic views of Budapest.

EU citizens bring your passport for a free tour of  Budapest’s Parliament Building.

Visit St. Stephen’s Basilica, the largest church in Budapest. It’s free to enter the church and there is only a nominal fee of HUF 500 to go up to the observation deck.

Go for a jog or take a stroll around Margaret Island and/or City Park.

Enjoy the views from the Danube Promenade at night.

Relax in Károlyi Gardens, Szabadság Square or the Millenáris Park.

Visit museums with one single ticket during the ‘Night of the Museums‘, held annually in June.

Celebrate with the locals and enjoy the fireworks from the banks of the Danube on St. Stephen’s Day on August 20th.


  1. Your pictures look amazing and it looks like you really enjoyed Budapest! It’s one of the cities that has always been on my bucket list
    Nice read!

  2. I was in Budapest last year and this post made me think about all amazing things that I’ve seen there. It’s very very beautiful and I think it’s so worth visiting.
    I really like your blog! I think that the list of free things that you can do is the best. I think that all travellers appreciate these things :).
    I’m looking forward to your next post.

  3. I loved Budapest!!! And the New York cafe was awesome: the ceiling, the piano, the latte hazelnut!!! <3

  4. The history and culture of Eastern Europe is so rich…does not get as much attention as it deserves….wrote a short story of these regions once, but further Bucharest….nicely documented journey…

  5. Seems like there is so much to do here, will be putting this on my European to-visit list for sure. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I’d love to revisit Budapest for a weekend, as my only trip there was as a teenager many decades ago, and I didn’t really take in the splendour as well as I would now! I love historical cities with plenty of old architecture and an interesting culture. Castle Hill in particular is somewhere I want to see again!

  7. Budapest is super high up my list for the next time we go on a European weekend break! It sounds like such a great city to visit and sounds like you guys had a great weekend. The thermal baths sound awesome. I also like that you’ve listed some great free things to do; I absolutely love running/jogging in new cities so would love to check out Margaret Island or City Park

  8. I visited Budapest last year and it was great. I also climbed the Castle Hill and walked along the bridge. I didn’t go to thermal baths because it was too hot in the summer. Would love to go back one day!

  9. Budapest looks beautiful with architectural wonders and nature sights. Cruising through Danube river must be fun and beautiful thing to do here. Good to know that Europe’s largest medicinal bath is Széchenyi and I love thermal baths due to medicinal and natural therapy option. These outdoor thermal bath is on my list during my visit to Budapest. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The Parliament building is the most iconic landmark in Budapest so of course, one needs to enjoy a proper view of that. Apart from that, Fisherman’s Bastion looks amazing and the views from top of the Castle Hill are superb. I’ve not been to Budapest yet, thanks for this guide!

  11. My itinerary for Budapest was very similar to yours – we hit up a lot of th same spots 🙂 I’m vegetarian so didn’t try traditional goulash while there. I did, however, have a delicious garlic soup in a bowl made from bread (there’s a name for it but I can’t remember!) and I haven’t tasted anything quite like it since!
    Do you really find morning flights from London to be more expensive?? I always find them (at least from Stansted and Gatwick) to be cheaper, but I’m talking super early morning here like 6am.

    • Thanks. The really early ones are less expensive eg before 6am. But with kids can be tough to get that early. Plus if you flying into EU and take such an early flight you land and struggle to get check inn so early. That’s why try and land mid day.

  12. I would love to visit Budapest. In fact, it is part of my bucket list. I feel that these place is full of stories and rich culture. I would love to hear more about their history and experience first hand their way of life.

  13. Budapest has so many gorgeous architectures! The Parliament building especially looks marvelous from afar. I will definitely be up for a thermal bath when visiting there!

  14. Very recently I found some cheap tickets to Budapest, but somehow the dates didn’t suit me and I didn’t book it.
    I’m really hoping to explore Eastern Europe in late 2018 or early 2019 and Budapest is definitely in the list. Let’s see.
    Cave Church sounds interesting. The Hero Square is just fascinating.
    Thermal Bath Spa sounds just divine. But the crowd is bit scary though. I’m not a big fan of crowded places!

  15. Budapest looks absolutely amazing. I cant believe how much you have seen and experienced there. The Széchenyi bath looks very inviting, it is quite obvious why so many people like it. The Hero’s Square looks huge and also very appealing. I like that so many interesting spots are obviously so close to each other and within walking distance. The New York Café also looks very WOW, I guess the Ice cream was as delicious as it looks 🙂

  16. What a full Budapest itinerary! The thermal baths sound amazing and I didn’t know they were open all year. I’m grateful for your Musts suggestions since we sometimes debate whether to skip something. Fun trip!

  17. You have some lovely photos of Budapest makes me want to go back there. I loved exploring the city as well and found it a lot cheaper than other european destinations as you say. Thanks for some great tips.

  18. Happy to note that Budapest is one of the most affordable European city breaks and from the way it looks, does come across as a must see place. Neo-Gothic architecture at Fisherman’s Bastion stands out. Apart from this, the archaeological richness is evident be it the Jewish Quarter or the Parliament or Hero’s Square! Amazing long weekend itinerary to Budapest.

  19. What a lovely fun-filled itinerary for Budapest. The views from Fisherman’s Bastion look incredible, so I think I’d head there first. And don’t get me started on the parliament building! It’s known for being one of the most beautiful in the world, and I totally understand why. The New York Cafe is pretty special, and grand looking, for an afternoon refreshment! What a lovely city.

  20. Budapest looks like a place for architecture lovers like me. I am absolutely fascinated by the castle hill and those beautiful dolls as souvenirs. What are they made of? Thermal spas sound quite relaxing!

  21. Haha! I was in Budapest 2 weekends back. My posts on the city are coming up soon.
    I did miss out a couple things there, but that’s ok. With a tiny baby in hand, some things aren’t possible.
    I’m awaiting my gal to grow up so we too can do the Segway tour! 😉

  22. We stayed in the Jewish Quarter and we absolutely had the best time in Budapest. What a fantastic city with so much to do. Love the mix of street art, the ruin bars and all the old history culture. Loved the cuisine and all the Hungarian wines we tried. And chain bridge is just stunning isn’t it? Day and night! Glad you guys had such a great time!

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