Paris with Love.

Paris - The City of love, history, fashion and food.

Hong Kong in 5 days.

Hong Kong - You could spend weeks, days or even hours and get hooked to this incredible city. A destination that was on my bucket list and one I finally managed to tick off...

Songkran in Bangkok – Thai New Year.

Thailand is one of the most amazing holiday destinations you can imagine. One of the best time to visit Thailand is during Songkran the Thai New Year. I have been lucky enough to visit...

Iceland – Part 2. 

This is a continuation of my Blog (Iceland - Part 1) where I started my tour of this mystical and picturesque country. Iceland should be on the bucket list of every traveller and its...

Iceland – Part 1.

Iceland, a destination which is surely on every travellers bucket list and one we managed to finally tick off this summer. Out of all the places I've been, Iceland is unlike any other place I've...

Complete Guide to The Amalfi Coast.

Stretching between the Gulf of Naples and Salerno is one of the most beautiful and picturesque coastlines in Italy. Welcome to a Complete Guide to the Amalfi Coast.
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