Ivan Ramen – When you think of the New York food landscape what comes to mind is pizza, bagels, pastrami, cheesecake, buffalo wings. But there is something else that took my fancy on my last trip to the Big Apple, Ramen. Ivan Ramen – The best ramen in New York

After watching it on Chefs Table on Netflix I could not wait to get to New York and try the much talked about ramen shop run by Ivan Orkin – Ivan Ramen

Ivan Ramen is the place to be if you want to try out one of the best ramen outside Japan and a must visit when in New York.


The legendary chef self-described as the Jewish kid born in Long Island with the Head of a white Jewish guy and the heart of a Japanese running ramen shops in Tokyo and New York.

Ivan Ramen - The best ramen in New York
Slurp Ramen

The Ramen Shop

There are 2 restaurants of Ivan Orkin in New York. His first venture in the US, Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop at the Gotham West Market and his flagship, Ivan Ramen at Clinton Street in Lower East side.

There was no thinking but to visit the flagship restaurant Ivan Ramen at Clinton Street a rather quaint neighbourhood.

 It is a reasonably small restaurant with a lively and casual atmosphere. 

Make sure to book in advance.I had high expectations and I must say the food definitely lived up to it.


We managed to get a booking for lunch and wondered down to get our share of some of the most talked about ramen.

We were welcomed by the very hospitable staff who seated us on the table and gave us a short tour of the menu and a few recommendations.


The Ramen- Ivan Ramen – The best ramen in New York

There is a good choice of starters and mains with a vegetarian option as well. The staff are helpful and they are happy to change some of the dishes as per your dietary requirements but its best left to the master’s original recipe.

Is Ivan Ramen expensive? I must say that the restaurant is priced very reasonably. The average price of an appetizer is around $10 and the Ramen between $15 – $20. I must say that all the dishes are flavored to perfection and the portions are a good size . You can only wish you had more space in your belly to have some more slurp. 

After sampling the perfect Boa I moved to the signature Chicken Ramen and what a burst of flavors.


You have to taste it to experience the magic.  


Ivan’ Story –

Ivan’s Story is that of a true legend. Against all odds and a few ups and downs in his personal life Ivan established one of the top ramen shops in Tokyo. Being a foreigner where ramen is a cult and home to some of the best chef’s.

After his success in Japan Ivan returned to New York in 2013. He opened his first restaurant. Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop at the Gotham West opened its doors to huge crowds and critical acclaim.

This was followed by the opening of his flagship store at Clinton Street and there is was no looking back.

Both restaurants continue to enjoy critical acclaim and mentioned in countless magazines, websites, blogs, and television programs.

In 2017 the restaurant  featured on the famous Netflix series, Chefs Table.

This  elevated Ivan in the company of some of the world’s greatest chefs and restaurateurs.

Ivan is widely recognised as the American authority on ramen and all things Japanese.

You can read his full story on his site Ivan Ramen 

Overall – Visit Ivan Ramen – For the best ramen in New York

Being a Ramen fan I could not have asked for a better place for the perfect Ramen.

  • The Restaurant itself is very casual with welcoming staff and a lively atmosphere.
  • The Food is to die for full of flavours very high quality.
  • The Price – Very affordable keeping in mind how famous it has become they could charge a bomb.
  • The Portions – Large portions for the price they charge.
  • Can’t wait to return to Ivan Ramen and a must visit if you are in New York.

Why slurp your ramen? Ramen is served hot and when you slurp the noodles, it cools it down and allows you enjoy the ramen and all its flavours.

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  1. Nothing like a delicious bowl of ramen to stick your face into! Especially when I spy enoki mushrooms.. The graphics in the restaurant are so cool.

  2. I would love to visit Ivan Ramen . Watched the episode on Chefs Table and would love to experience it on my next trip to NYC.

  3. I watched the same Chef’s Table! Ramen is such a great choice and I love that the dishes are reasonably priced even though they have such a great reputation. Thanks for the tips on making reservations ahead of time. And I learned why you should slurp your ramen!

  4. When you get the best food with an affordable prize, what else you need. I am hungry already reading and seeing the food pictures. Now its on my list for sure. I also loved the quirky colored graffiti wall. Great post

  5. Wow. This place surely seems like the place for Ramen. Personally I loved the interior styling. Ramen is of course an attraction anywhere outside Asia for me. It’s just so different.

  6. This ramen is making me so hungry! I have seen the ads for this on Facebook, and didn’t realize that some of the restaurants were in the US. I’ll have to visit this ramen shop the next time I am in NYC, thanks for the review.

  7. I’m a huge fan of ramen and NYC. What I like most about this restaurant is the atmosphere. I love the bright mural-like artwork above the open, kitchen window. I think the gallery style and counter setting make for more of a fly-on-wall experience. I love that you get a lot of face time with the staff as well. On top of that, good ramen? Count me in!

  8. I really liked how the legendary chef Ivan self described himself. His story is interesting too. The dishes just look amazing. I myself is a ramen fan and would love to try these out.

  9. First of all the wall art of this restaurant is so interesting and makes the whole atmosphere very vibrant. Loved to read the story of Ivan and how he is featured in many blogs, magazines and websites. Being a vegetarian, it is good they have many vegetarian options in main section too.

  10. I can imagine how the flavors bursted its freshness inside the mouth, oh I love ramen and I would like to have one now. When I visit New York, I have to make sure to visit Ivan’s Ramen. As you have said that they take care of dietary requirements, I am sure they can come up with a tasty vegan ramen for me.

    • You must try it if you visit nyc. Surely they can come up with a vegan option if you let them know in advance

  11. It sounds like one delicious experience. I really liked how Ivan self described himself; what an interesting story! The food looks (and I bet it tastes) amazing. I would love to try this out someday.

  12. I’m in the mood for ramen now after reading this post! We have an apartment in NYC, and have never heard of Ivan Ramen. You’ve definitely convinced me to try this the next time we’re back! I really like reading about his back story too!

    • It’s an amazing place and I only found out myself watch it on the Chefs Table. You must try and visit next time you there

  13. This post has come to really handy as I love Ramen all the tiime and I am spending my holidays in New york this time. So I am surely going to try out the New York’s ramen noodles. Even though I have visited NYC many times I still failed to know about Ivan ramen. I am putting this post up for future reference.

    • If you are a ramen fan then a trip to Ivan Ramen is a must when in New York. Hope you enjoy it

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