London is home to some of the finest parks and gardens which help you escape the hustle and bustle of a busy city. The prefect place to relax, rejuvenate and appreciate natural beauty. The Kyoto Garden is one such gem. Located within the Holland Park, a 22 hectare green space in Kensington, London. Let’s discover Kyoto Garden The Best Parks in London.

Kyoto Garden - Best Parks in London
Kyoto Garden – Best Parks in London

History of Kyoto Garden – The Best Parks in London.

Holland Park has played an important part in the history of London. The Park is centered around Holland House previously known as Cope Castle and home to some of the most powerful families and diplomats. It was built in 1605, but but the building was largely damaged in the Second World War.The grounds around the house were finally bought by the County Council of London and serves as a large public park.

Kyoto Garden - The Best Parks in London.
Holland Park

Holland Park is home to various gardens, sports facilities, cafes and a restaurant but the gem of the crown is Kyoto Garden – The Best Parks in London.

Kyoto Garden London
Kyoto Garden London

About Kyoto Garden – The Best Parks in London.

The Kyoto Garden is a traditional Japanese themed garden that was inaugurated by Prince Charles and The Crown Prince of Japan in September 1991. The garden was a gift from the city of Kyoto to commemorate the friendship between Japan and Great Britain. 

Kyoto Garden is designed on the basis of a traditional Japanese garden by the well-known Japanese designer Shoji Nakahara to celebrate the Japan Festival in London.

Kyoto Garden - The Best Parks in London.
Waterfall – Kyoto Garden

What is there to see in Kyoto Garden – The Best Parks in London.

The garden features a serene pond full of beautiful koi carp and a beautiful rock waterfall. Decorated with traditional Japanese stone lanterns and a stone pathway which transports you to a tranquil Zen space in the middle of a busy city.

Kyoto Garden
Kyoto Garden

The garden is also known for its colourful blossom trees and the famous peacocks, yes that’s right the park is home to a few gorgeous peacocks. This is one of the reasons I would add Kyto Garden on my list of – The Best Parks in London.

Kyoto Garden - The Best Parks in London.
Peacock – Kyoto Garden

How do I get to Kyoto Garden?

The closest Tube station to the Kyoto Garden is Holland Park on the Central line. Other nearby Tube stations are Kensington High Street and Notting Hill Gate on the Circle, District and Central line.

Is Kyoto Garden London Free? Kyoto Garden like most open spaces in London is free to enter.

Details of Kyoto Garden – The Best Parks in London.

Located in: Holland Park.

Address: Holland park, Holland Park Ave, Kensington, London W11 4UA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 7361 3003

Opening hours of Kyoto Garden. Holland Park is open daily from 7:30 am and 30 minutes before dusk.

Koi Pond Kyoto garden
Koi Pond – Kyoto Gadren

The garden is a great place to visit with the family or friends and enjoy nature at its best. I was amazed to see the peacocks in this garden and we were lucky enough to watch them flaunt their impressive colourful feathers.

Kyoto Garden London is designed as a Kaiyushiki style garden, a strolling garden in Japanese.

Have you ever wondered what the different designs of Japanese gates are.

Kyoto Garden - The Best Parks in London.
Different designs of Japaneses gates.

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Richmond Park - Best Parks in London.
Richmond Park – Best Parks in London.
Regents Park - Best Parks in London
Regents Park


  1. I never knew about Kyoto Gardens in London before reading this post. We are continually surprised by how much green space there is in large cities like London. We loved visiting the gardens in Japan. So would be interested to see one modeled like them in London. We certainly loved all the water features to create Zen space in the city. Will put it on the list for our next visit.

    • It is surprising how much green space there is in London. A great little piece of Japan in the heart of London truly.

  2. Kyoto Garden is just stunning and looks so peaceful! I would love to see this park when the colorful trees that you had mentioned are, in full bloom and of course the peacocks! That would look like a fairy tale setting I’d imagine. Holland Park sounds like a relaxing day trip with the cafe, restaurants and sporting events. I love this little slice of Japan! So glad to learn this is here!

  3. I’ve been to London a few times, but so far I haven’t been to the Kyoto Garden. What a pity. It looks so peaceful, lika a Zen area. So, I must see this park the next time. I especially like Peacocks, so it’s great that they are in this park. I would like to photograph it when blossoming trees.

  4. Thanks for this post, I’ve been to London several times and never took much opportunity to explore the gardens, parks and green spaces. Kyoto Garden really looks like it’s ripped right out of Japan – but it’s in the middle of London! I have to say, that photo of the peacock is incredible, it had to look so majestic in person. I’ll have to check out Kyoto Garden the next time in London and see if I get as lucky.

    • It’s really something which out to be promoted more. Hope you can experience Japan in London on your next visit.

  5. No wonder why Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist spots in Japan! The Kyoto Garden looks serene that makes me want to stay here longer! I will surely put this in my bucket list.

  6. I have been to London but I was not aware of the Kyoto gardens. I loved Kyoto when I visited Japan. So visiting the gardens in another country is amazing. The gardens look so beautiful and I would have definitely visited it if I had known about it before. I will bookmark this for my next visit.

    • Ohhh. Wish you had known about it before you visited London. Hope you can visit again. I have Kyoto on my bucket list.

  7. Picture of kyoto Garden almost disguised my mind into thinking this was actually in Japan . But then after reading I noticed its in London. haha. I am sure in reality also, this place must be giving a total vibe of being in Japan more than in London. And wow, does these peacock actually dances with their feather spread.Must be real sight to see in the heart of London.

    • It’s a little piece of Japan in the heart of London indeed. Hope you can visit it some day.

  8. Wow, a whole garden as a gift is pretty amazing! I could definitely see myself peacefully enjoying the koi pond or admiring the gorgeous peacocks. And I can’t believe it’s also free!

  9. When I started to read, I wondered why its Holland Park when it sounded like Japanese. But soon I got the reason 😂. Anyway, such nice details. Sometimes I wonder that the nation’s who fought against each other in world war are having good relations now. And this garden is one of the best example.

  10. A Japanese garden in UK. Now that is something I have not heard of before. Interesting to note the symbolism behind its creation. It seems like a little piece of heaven tucked away from the usual humdrum. And a great place for photographers too. I see that the peacock did its number just for you. Thanks for sharing this – will be sending it to my cousin who has just moved to that part of the world with his family

    • It’s a great place to visit with the family and if you really lucky then you might get the peacock showing off their feathers. Thanks for the kind words.

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