As the days get longer and the sun brings that smile on your face there is nothing better then getting out and about and enjoying that fresh air. There can’t be a better place to do this whilst enjoying a wildlife safari in one of Britain’s most famous safari parks Longleat.



The best loved Safari Park in Britain, Longleat  is surely one that should be on your list whether you live here or visiting as a tourist.It is best in the summer but there are activities throughout the year which makes it a very popular destination.



Longleat Safari Park, is in Wiltshire and was opened in 1966 as the first drive-through safari park outside Africa. The park is situated in the grounds of the famous Longleat House, an English stately home which has been opened to the public and is the home of the 7th Marquess of Bath. Longleat Safari Park and the concept of safari parks is the brainchild of Jimmy Chipperfield, a former co-director of Chipperfield’s Circus. Today, Longleat is home to over 500 animals, and the estate occupies 9,000 acres of the fine Wiltshire countryside.

Getting there

Train – Nearest station is Frome Station and has a good services from Bath and London. Warminster station, is about 5 miles from Longleat and Westbury station is about 12 miles from Longleat and is on the London Paddington to Penzance line. All stations are served by taxis which get you to the park at a nominal cost. For train times  visit

Driving – Longleat is just off the A36 between Bath and Salisbury. Address: Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 7NW.  This is a 2.5 hour drive from London (traffic dependant) so if you are planning a day trip from London suggest using the train.

The Safari

One of the few safari parks where visitors can drive their own cars and admire  around you. This is so much better then a visit to the Zoo and if you have children then this is a must visit . You see the kids face light up as they sit inside and get a real close view of the animals. If you are a photographer then surely a good chance to get some close encounters with the beautiful animals .


One of the most talked about and fascinating aspects of the whole safari is your encounter with the monkeys. You do have the option of turning off from this area where the rhesus monkeys live and there are signs warning of the possible damage to your car from the monkeys but I would not miss this as it is really fun.

Another area which I enjoy and would recommend is seeing the tigers and wolves. The park also houses some lions which are majestic and I must say well fed.

The other areas in the park include Cheetah Kingdom, a new giraffe feeding platform, a major new lakeside gorilla enclosure and a walkthrough lemur enclosure. There is plenty of wildlife and if you not a wildlife person then head to Longleat Hosue.


Longleat House 

Longleat House provides you the perfect opportunity to step back in time with a history of 450 years.

The house today is widely regarded as one of the best examples of high Elizabethan architecture in Britain and one of the most beautiful stately homes open to the public. There are many other stately homes you can visit in Britain but this one is one of the best you can experience. Completed by 1580 and now occupied by the 7th Marquess of Bath this incredible house has now been called home by 15 generations of the Thynne family.


Expect to be wowed from the very first moment you enter the Great Hall. Adorned by giant paintings depicting hunting scenes and with walls stretching 35 feet up you can see why this was the perfect place to host many a banquet. Its grandeur speaks for itself .

You can spend hours marvelling the great works of art here if this is not enough enjoy the cafe and wind down. Finish off by making your way down the Grand Staircase surrounded by an impressive collection of paintings.

Whether you’re joining a tour or want to take in the rich history of the house in your own time you are sure to leave with an incredible insight into this wondrous stately home and the stories it has to tell.

Apart from these the park has themed events and houses the famous lantern festival in the winter months which is a great crowd puller.

Enjoy a train ride around the park or a boat trip on the lake and see the Gorillas. There is so much to do so make sure to reach early and enjoy this park. It is truly a wonderful day out for the entire family with plenty of things to keep you occupied or just enjoy a lazy afternoon basking in the grounds of this beautiful park. A perfect picnic spot and a fun day out.

For all other details and up to date prices please refer to the website below. You can buy tickets on the gate but if you book online 2 days in advance you get them at a reduced price.



  1. Wow so cool! I had no idea it was possible to take a day trip to a safari from London. I would love to feed the giraffes – and just get close to the animals in general!

  2. Of course I am finding out about such a cool stuff now when I moved out from London! I really wish I knew about it earlier as this place looks so awesome! Its a fabulous alternative for those who cant travel all the way to Africa! Those animals looks so great! and that lantern festival seems so fantastic! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I like the open spaces that the park has so that the animals can move around freely. You have got some amazing shots of the animals, especially those lions cuddling. I even like the sound of that Lantern festival Definitely a great place for kids and adults.

  4. While reading this I started wondering if I have actually visited this place. When I was 17 I was in England and my host family took me to a safari park. But I don’t remember so much details about it to be 100% sure it was this one. I wonder if they have many in England? Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

  5. Whenever I hear of safari, African safaris and Gir forest comes into my mind. But Longleat safari near London is a picturesque getaway for nature and animal lovers. I would love to watch for Animals roaming freely on crisp green grass. Even the majestic architecture of Longleat house if worth watching. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh my I have never heard of Longleat Safari Park and I leave in England. I am so going there now, I just love it. I need to check how far it is from my house though. I would love to be able to drive through and have wild animals jumping on my car like the monkeys. Longleat House is also stunning and is my type of place to wonder around.

  7. Haha! Been there. It was the only road trip that we took when we were in UK.
    Aren’t those monkeys so so adorable! One tried to pull our car’s wipers!
    The maze looks nice. Too bad it was closed for maintanence when I went.

  8. Longleat Safari looks very picturesque and a great place to bring your family. I’m usually not a fan of going to the zoo, but in the case here, I appreciate the big open spaces where the animals can roam quite freely. It looks like they are happy. I’d be a bit nervous though about the monkeys climbing on the car.

  9. I had never heard of this before but WOW it looks amazing! I love the large house it’s around, it’s definitely not what I would have expected when I went to read this post. Looks like a lot of fun for kids and parents!

  10. Wow who would have ever imagined that this could exist a short two and a half hours drive from London. This is something I would like to see the next time I am in the U.K. I love seeing all type of animals. I expect the Giraffe feeding platform would be an exciting experience. I could easily spend a few hours exploring Longleat House and its museum and grounds after a morning of fun at the Safari Park.

    • You must try and visit on your next visit. Indeed unimaginable just a short drive from the city of London

  11. I don’t know why but I never imagined that there was a safari park in England. Longleaf Safari Park is amazing as the first of its kind but also because it has some unique aspects. There is a good mix of things to see by driving (and those monkeys can be cheeky) or without a car (that giraffe feeding platform is awesome). But I also like that there is an estate that you can visit – it just seems very British!

    • It’s something that’s does surprise a lot of people but a great escape from the madness of London

  12. I prefer to see animals roaming like this then in smaller enclosures in zoos. This would be a really interesting day out especially when you can also visit Longleat House. Thanks for sharing.

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