Savill GardenDay Trip from London – is a hidden gem close to the Royal residence of Windsor Castle and a place less know about. With history dating back to the 1930’s the garden has been a favourite of the Royals. One of the best things to do in Richmond upon Thames. 

Designed and created by the master landscaper Sir Eric Savill it is an all season garden with flora from across the globe. 

Savill Garden - Day Trip from London
Savill Garden – Day Trip from London

About Savill Garden

The garden has developed under the patronage of Kings and Queens and was created in the 1930s by Sir Eric Savill. 

The park’s ranger is the Duke of Edinburgh and the Royal’s have expressed much interest and keeping this park in the best shape.

A fine example of their patronage is the Jubilee and Rose Garden that Her Majesty the Queen opened in 2010.

Savill Garden is spread over 35 acres and is a collection of several smaller interconnecting gardens, with flower and fauna from across the world. There are distinct names for each garden such as the Hidden Gardens, Spring Wood, Summer Wood and the Winter Beds.

Savill Garden is a great place to spend a quiet day out or a fun day with the entire family.

One of the main attraction of Savill Garden is the ever so popular rose garden.

It has a small bridge in the shape of ship which gives you a great view overlooking  garden.

The Glasshouse

There is a glasshouse and lake as well and you can spend anything from a few minutes to a whole day exploring the Savill Garden.

This natural haven of beautifully designed gardens and woodland can be enjoyed by everyone. From dedicated horticulturists to those who just want to spend a relaxing day out with family or friends.

Whats new in Savill Garden

Each season brings something new and transforms the park which gives its visitors something new to discover. For more information about whats happening you can visit their website and find out the  Seasonal Highlights. 

How to get to Savill Garden from London.

Savill Garden is a train ride away from Central London and is close to the historic town of Windsor.

It is in close proximity of the Great Windsor Park and is easily accessible via train, bus, or taxi. You don’t have to drive to get to Savill Garden . 

The nearest railway stations to Savill Garden are Egham, Windsor Central and Windsor Riverside, Ascot and Virginia Water.

  • From London Paddington – First Great Western trains operate a service to Windsor Central via a change at Slough.
  • South West Trains operate services from London Waterloo to the other stations.
  • A taxi will be needed to complete your journey into the Park – this usually takes around 15 to 20 mins depending on traffic.

There are plenty of quiet corners to have a picnic, read a book, or just relax and enjoy a perfect summers day in this beautiful garden. It is one of those perfect places where you can escape your daily routine and spend some me time.

After walking through the park if you are hungry then head to the Savill Garden Kitchen.

The Kitchen and restaurant has a small but perfect menu to refuel you. From a wood-fired pizza, salads and sandwiches to the more traditional English Afternoon Tea it has a decent selection. It also has an array of scrumptious cakes and pastries.


It offers great open spaces and floor to ceiling windows where you can sit and enjoy a with a refreshing drink and gaze out at the lush gardens.

If you fancy taking a piece of Savill Garden with you then head to the gift shop. The Gift shop supports British manufacturers and offers a range of souvenirs from delightful fragrances and greetings cards to educational toys and games. There is a huge selection of British products along with plants and garden accessories from the Royal Gardens.

If you are an art lover, the garden hosts exhibitions from time to time. I was lucky enough to witness one with impressive sculptures inspired by the natural world and surrounding of The Savill Garden.

Things to do in Savill Garden – Day Trip from London

  • Have a picnic with friends and family on Obelisk Lawn.
  • Take a long walk to the  to the  Copper Horse depicting George III on horse back.
  • Learn about the history by taking a Royal Heritage Tour of Windsor Great Park.
  • Visit the Windsor Great Park Environmental Centre. 
  • Enjoy a traditional Afternoon Tea at the cafe.
  • Discover over 60 sculptures inspired by the natural world. ( Limited period).
  • Pamper yourself with the finest British products from the gift Shop.
  • Come fall in love at the Rose Garden.

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  1. For someone who loves nature as much as I do, this is a truly beautiful place to visit. I could spend all day here just exploring the different sections amongst the 35 acres, just soaking in the lovely serenity of nature. This really is a hidden gem and not promoted that much to my knowledge. A definite must-see on my next trip to the UK.

  2. I love nature and therefore I would be interesting in spending my afternoons at Savill Garden. 60 different types of sculptures also add beauty to this charming garden. I am artist, so definitely seeing all those quirky and interesting sculptures would be my first thing to do here. Also the eating area looks great with views of lush green bushes and flowers.

  3. Well, I’m blushing now. Living in London for nearly three decades, I’ve not visited Savill Gardens, though it looks just the kind of place we enjoy. We visit other gardens and parks in and around London regularly. Great to see your photos of different areas and love that sculpture of the woman doing a handstand!

    • Well I stumbled upon it after living many years in london. One which needs to be promoted more

  4. I am proud to be a Nature lover. This garden is do serene and green. Each artifac wS unique, however didn’t see àny fountain. Best of all is the way you captured that lone bench. Amar Kudos.

  5. I am so glad you introduced Savill to me. I have been to London so many times, yet have never heard of or seen this garden. This truly looks like a gem. I am going to go here next time I am in London.

  6. wow that’s a fine little discovery for nature-lovers. I love the pictures of the savill garden. Never heard of this lace before but i will put it on my list for my london trip

  7. You know Amar, you describe your travel experience in such beautiful wordings that reader feels a part of the journey. I feel like, I have been to those places. So much detail oriented post. Your photography is simply amazing.

  8. Sa I’ll Gardens are a beautiful spot to enjoy a day away and it’s not hard to get to. I’m happy to hear that the royal family is dedicated to maintaining this 35 acre park. The traditional tea in the restaurant is a perfect way to cap the visit. Adding to my London list!

  9. I am so glad you introduced this garden to me. I visited London before but never heard about it. Seems like an amazing place I could easily spend a few hours at. Thank you for sharing!

  10. The pictures are lovely. I have been to England but didn’t know about this place. When I go back there I would definitey check it out. Thank you for sharing this post!

  11. I am glad to be introduced to some very off-beat locales through your posts. Never heard of this place. Your captures surely complement his beautiful place.The resto looks awesome and the decor is top-notch. Keep churning these kind of posts that actually create an awareness about the unknown!

  12. Wow! This is such a beautiful place. For someone who loves the nature, this place is paradise. I can imagine myself enjoying an afternoon tea. Hope to visit this wonderful garden someday.

  13. Gorgeous! That garden and kitchen look amazing. Did you just go? I see fall in the background. I’m bummed I didn’t get to Windsor when I was there in June, it definitely looks like a must!

  14. Savill Gardens does come across as a hidden gem. Been to Windsor Castle, and how I wish I had known about this beauty then. Its fun to know that each season, the park is transformed to give something new to the visitors. What a wonderful way to have people coming back even though they might have seen the Savill Gardens before. When in London next, would love to spend a day here, relaxing, reading a book or just absorbing in the tranquility.

    • It is indeed a hidden gem as I have visited Windsor several times in the past but never visited Savill Garden

  15. I’d love to take a book just to relax on one of those wooden benches and take in the beautiful surroundings and greenery. Savill Garden looks like a haven and wonderful place to escape to take in nature. It’s huge! I could easily go back every day for a week and find a new area to discover each time. Springtime would also be such a delight on the senses!

  16. This garden looks to me a place that my son will love. Simply because there is so much of green space to run around. :p WHile I have a keen interest in sculptures so this is quite interesting for me. In my list to do when I am in UK.

  17. Each time I read about London from your posts, you give one more reason to visit London soon. This garden is a good fine. Such beautiful garden to spend quality times with family and friends. I am in awe of the garden kitchen restaurants. What brilliant architecture. Putting this on my list for sure.

  18. I’m not really a flora and fauna person but I do enjoy waking around in gardens, there’s so much tranquility that it can be a stress relieving activity. I would love to visit Savill Garden during the fall season to observe the lovely fall colours. Also, I like that they have art in the garden, that would attract me more than the different types of flowers and plants!

  19. What a beautiful garden. I love the artwork, and the landscape. Gardens with a cafe always are my favourites. Thanks for sharing.

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