The Afternoon Tea at The Ritz in London is an institution in itself. One of the most popular aspects of the hotel and being served for nearly 100 years. it is renowned for being the perfect British experience and an unforgettable afternoon. 


The Ritz
The Ritz

About the Ritz – London

When The Ritz first opened its doors on the 24th May 1906, it was considered to be one of the greatest hotels in the world.

Conceived by the famous hotelier César Ritz it aimed to become the ultimate destination for guests looking to stay at the most luxurious hotel ever made.


In 2002, The Ritz received a Royal Warrant from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. The Ritz London is the first, and only hotel to have been honoured with this prestigious award.

The Ritz has been a hotel of choice for Hollywood stars, Royalty and leaders of the world. In addition, the Palm Court was as popular for afternoon Tea when it first opened its door as it is Today.


The Afternoon Tea  at The Ritz London 

Afternoon tea is served at the elegant Palm Court with it’s sparkling chandeliers and dazzling mirrors. The Afternoon tea at Ritz is served in five different sittings between 11:30am – 7:30pm everyday.

The hotel serves an astonishing 400 afternoon teas a day and yet they have a waiting list.


Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
The Ritz – Palm Court


The Ritz London
The Ritz London

With its reputation for being a benchmark of global luxury, it does make you a bit nervous when you first enter this establishment.

However with one of the finest trained staff who make you feel very comfortable it is an absolutely amazing experience.

The Ritz - London
Lobby – The Ritz – London


The Dress Code for the Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

It’s not every day that you are going to take your take afternoon tea at The Ritz so the dress code is as fancy as the whole experience itself.

For gents, a jacket and tie are compulsory with Jeans and sportswear being prohibited.

Consider it a chance to look your very best, which I think helps play into the magic of the occasion.


The Service at Ritz – London 

From start to finish you can expect nothing but world-class hospitality. From the courteous well dressed smiling doorman to the waiters who are immaculately turned out. The silverware polished and the ambiance nurtured by the chimes of the resident pianist in the backdrop.

The ever so attentive waiters will make sure you want for nothing, topping you up as you go away with smiles.

What do you get for Tea at the Ritz 

A very traditional tea with more than 16 different loose leaf teas to choose from. It includes finger sandwiches, scones with Devonshire clotted cream and of course a selection of pastries, cakes and macaroons. You will not go back hungry.

To wash it all down you can either use the extensive collection brew or go for their very own brand of Champagne.

Tea at The Ritz - Silver service at Palm Court
Tea at The Ritz – Selection of cakes and sandwiches


The Verdict

Ritz – London captures the essence of London’s history and culture and is the perfect setting to experience one of Britain’s long-standing tradition – The Afternoon Tea 


Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
Menu -Tea at The Ritz

The afternoon Tea at The Ritz is an experience to be treasured forever.

So go ahead and book yours now and make memories. The Afternoon Tea @ The Ritz

Another great place to experience English Hospitality is The Royal Exchange 


The Ritz - London
The Ritz – London interiors


The Ritz - London
The Ritz – London
Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
The Ritz – London


The pianist - The Ritz - London
The pianist – The Ritz – London


  1. I love Ritz! But I haven’t tried their tea so now I am looking forward to trying them next time. This post was quite insightful!

  2. You had me at fancy tea but im staying for those desserts!!! Aren’t the desserts the reason to go to a fancy tea in the first place?? haha everything looks so beautiful, i hope it’s not too expensive!

  3. I love afternoon Tea! The Ritz in London is definitely one of my favorite luxury hotels in the world. It has been too many years since I had afternoon tea at the Ritz, and I can tell that I am overdue. Everything looks delicious.

  4. I am desperate to do this. I have done a number of afternoon teas in London and they are always fabulous but the whole ambience and luxury of the Ritz has to be the best! Getting dressed up is definitely part of the occasion too.

  5. I have been to London quite some times already and passed by the Ritz but never have been inside.Of course I imagined how beautiful it must look inside but I did not expect it to bee that fancy. It looks absolutely impressive, so luxurious and elegant. Timeless classy… thank you for giving such a nice insight, makes me really want to see one day with my own eyes!

  6. How absolutely stunning. The atmosphere must have been so grandeur and I love the waiters in tailcoats! Love all the crockery and the tiered stands with the delicious afternoon tea items. Did you have to book in advance a fair bit to be able to get in?

  7. The Ritz has such a beautiful setting for afternoon tea! You are spoiled with so much food too. It is good to know that there is a dress code.

  8. Oh dear nothing is more luxe than having an afternoon tea at The Ritz. It is incredible those sweet delights, and enjoying the lazy afternoon with the girls. Glad you enjoyed the bespoke experience.

  9. Wow! This is something I really want to experience someday. I can’t believe that there is a waiting list! I have heard about the afternoon tea in Ritz so I guess it makes sense since it is kind of famous. How was is priced? All those goodies look very delicious!

  10. I am tea lover and so having tea in luxurious Ritz would be great thing to do in London. Being 100 years old and firstuxurious hotel in London it becomes a heritage property and worth visiting too. I loved the interiors of this place, very classy.

  11. Wow this is truly a luxury experience! I’ve never actually been in the Ritz even though I live half the year in London! The tea looks amazing, and I love the decor inside. It’s so elegant and lavish, it almost reminds me of an old school hotel from the 1930s. A stunning place!

  12. I found this post very interesting. When I visited London, I saw the Ritz, but only from the outside and on the way to somewhere else. This makes me want to return to experience something as unique as this tradition, particularly in a venue like the Ritz, steeped in history. Lovely photos that give you a bit of an idea of what this must have been like. No wonder it has such a widespread reputation for its quality and delivering a special experience.

  13. I visited London many times. Also I’m big fan of tea. I never heard about this place. I’m planning my trip to London now. I hope to visit this place in November. Thanks for share the idea 🙂

  14. The interiors of Ritz are so wonderful. It looks like a very classy and elegant hotel. Loved reading about it’s history and your experience having your afternoon tea there. I would love to make a visit there too!

  15. Tea at The Ritz is on my list of things to do next time I’m in London. I can’t imagine a more quintessential British experience. I’m glad you mentioned the dress code because that is something to remember when packing for the trip. I also worry about feeling a little intimidated so it’s good to hear that the staff put you at ease. I can’t wait to try it myself!

  16. I really love Ritz, but I’ve never experienced an afternoon tea till date. I would really wish to experience one very soon it could be there in Ritz or anywhere in London. I’ll be visiting London this summer, so I’m really looking forward to it. And I must have you your pictures are amazing.

  17. At first I asked myself why someone would wait in line for tea. After reading this, I realize what a wonderful experience tea at the Ritz would be. This is going on my list of things to experience while in London.

  18. This brought back memories. I went with my family for High Tea at the Ritz back in the 80s. I can remember walking up the staircase in awe of our surroundings. The Tea and cakes were ‘just the best’. Loved this article.

  19. Wow- this looks like an incredible experience! We are heading to London soon, and I would love to look into having tea here. It looks very beautiful and you took great photos. Thank you for including tips regarding how to dress.

  20. This is something I need to experience once am back in UK in a couple of months. Mostly its me on the other side, and making sure everyone has a good time, but I need to get on the other side and experience the after noon tea sessions.

  21. The Ritz is known for its bespoke services and hospitality, and it would be a lovely experience to have an afternoon, and more to stay at The Ritz!. Those chandelier are making me feel oh-so-rich! Feels like in a dream I may say, doesn’t matter if its pricey 😀

    • It is indeed a great experience and one everyone should once in tier lifetime. If you are visiting London then I would highly recommend this .

  22. Oh my, those pastries, cakes and other delicacies! What would I not give to find myself at a place like this! I have heard so much good about the Ritz and your photos and tale only confirmed what I always have been told about the place. An afternoon would not be enough for me, I could spend so much time here! I am heading to London this spring and I will make sure to go ahead and book an afternoon tea at The Ritz , or maybe even an overnight stay, or two.

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