Mykonos – The white washed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades where glamour meets simplicity. Named after the grandson of Apollo and formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules as per Greek mythology. Lets discover The Best of Mykonos in 3 Days.- The Island of Winds. 

Mykonos in 3 Days.
Mykonos in 3 Days.

The Best things to do in Mykonos in 3 Days.

The name “Cyclades” refers to the islands forming a circle around the sacred island of Delos. Millions of Greeks and tourists from around the world, visit the island every year to enjoy the dazzling sunlight and the crystal blue waters. Mykonos is one of the most popular island destinations in the world. The numerous cafes, chic boutiques and souvenir shops help visitors enjoy the sunny days whilst the beach bars and clubs keep you busy all night long. There is something that keeps this island buzzing and its vibrant atmosphere is electric. So lets find out how to enjoy Mykonos in 3 Days.


Best time to go to Mykonos.

The best time to visit Mykonos is between June and September when it’s sunny, hot, and the water is perfect for swimming. But be mindful as this also makes it the most busiest and expensive time to visit the Greek Islands. Since most people go to Mykonos for the beaches and nightlife during the peak season from June to September it is pretty quiet here in May and October though the weather is still very pleasant.

We decided to visit Mykonos in the first week of June, just before the summer rush and also a more affordable vacation time to enjoy Mykonos in 3 Days. Water temperature heat throughout the summer months and is warmest in August and early September.

Is Mykonos expensive? Most of popular Greek Islands are expensive but I found Mykonos to be the most- So please be mindful, plan and budget accordingly.


How to get to Mykonos. 

The nearest International airport would be Athens airport, Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH) but Mykonos has a smaller airport which is connected internationally as well. Flights from Athens to some of the most popular Greek Islands only take about 30-60 minutes while ferries take anywhere from 3 to 10+ hours. If you book early flights are quite cheap and the faster way to travel between the island. Would suggest you always start by searching for flights to the Greek Islands before looking into ferries. If you prefer the ferry then use the high speed ones and book directly with the companies like Seajets.

By Air: A short flight from Athens just under an hour. We went with the local airline Agean and must say was a very comfortable flight.  The airport is located just 15 minutes from downtown Mykonos. There is not much public transportation at the airport but a taxi should not cost you more than €10-€15.

By Ferry: The journey between Athens and Mykonos takes between 3.5 hours (€54.50/high speed ferry) and 5 hours (€32/economy ferry).

During the peak season it can be difficult to get taxi purely down to the sheer number of taxi’s available on the island. Saying this you can connect to the main city quite easily by local bus or private taxis. Most of the hotels offer pick ups and drops and we had one waiting for us.

Cars are not permitted in the main town of Mykonos. Most of it is pedestrian but you can leave your car in a parking place on the outskirts. Buses, taxis and small passenger boats provide transport around the island.


Where to stay in Mykonos.

It is difficult to find budget accommodation in Mykonos especially during the high season –  so your best option is to book as early as possible and try to avoid these months.

From high-end luxury accommodation to more accessible budget hotels there is something you will find that will fit your pocket. But the key is book in advance and avoid the peak season.

The old port area or the downtown of Mykonos  along with aLittle Venice and the chora are the most popular places to stay in Mykonos. But these come with a hefty price tag as well. A few minutes away from the main town you can find quality boutique hotels at a much more reasonable prices. Ornos is another great area to stay in Mykonos.

Our choice was the Vencia Boutique Hotel just a short walk away from the main city centre and offering some of the best views of the island.

Mykonos in 3 Days.
Vencia Boutique Hotel

Our Hotel – Mykonos in 3 Days.

Vencia Boutique Hotel is decorated in true Mykonos style and includes a total of 31 rooms. A beautiful lobby area with a 24 hour reception and free parking for guests wishing to travel around by car. The hotel has stunning views of the Aagean sea with an infinity pool overlooking the town. The hotel offers a buffet breakfast for guests which is served daily in the Karavaki Bar Restaurant.


The restaurant is open all day so guests can also enjoy Mediterranean dishes and drinks with a spectacular views pf the town in the evening. The hotel is just a 10 minute walk from Mykonos Town centre where you will find an array of restaurants, bars and nightlife. I could not find any flaws in this hotel so would highly recommend. Spacious rooms with breadth taking views of Mykonos ( try and get sea view rooms). The staff are very friendly and happy to help at anytime with anything.


Depending on your budget and what ticks your box would I would suggest start booking early and the best place to check would be at any of the comparison websites. If you want to go with my choice just contact them direct on Vencia Boutique  and they will be more then happy to assist.

Things To Do in Mykonos in 3 Days.

There is something to do for everyone on this island, from relaxing beaches to the wildest parties. You can also do day trips to the nearby island of Dilos which is full of archaeological sites. Stroll the whitewashes streets of the old town, watch the windmills and have a drink in Little Venice. If you are a party animal then you can dance all day in the beach bars and all night at the numerous clubs the island has to offer.

Mykonos in 3 Days.
White washed town of Mykonos

Stroll around The Chora. 

The main town of Mykonos, also called Chora by the locals, is a typical Cycladic village with whitewashed houses with colorful doors and windows. The narrow streets forming a labyrinth flanked by beautiful whitewashed churches and contrasting purple bougainvilleas adding a burst of colour. The most striking thing about the main town is the whitewashed look which gives a very soothing yet sheek look and what you anticipate from Mykonos.

Mykonos in 3 Days.
Whitewashed buildings of the Chora

Wander around the pedestrian streets filled with shops and chic boutiques which are colourful and busy. The most glamorous street of all is Matoyánni Street, lined with some the most popular and high end brands and a treasure trove for shoppers with cash to splash. From traditional loomed goods sold by the local artisans to designer hand bags by Louis Vuitton the island has it all.

Mykonos in 3 Days.
Louis Vuitton store Mykonos
Mykonos in 3 Days.
Streets of Mykonos

The best part of this town is to get lost in the white washed lanes and enjoy the fascinating visuals at every corner of this labyrinth town. Pay a visit to the church of Panayia Paraportiani, the Town hall and the castle situated above the harbour.

Mykonos in 3 Days.
thetrraveller @ Mykonos

Petros the Pelican

While strolling around don’t be surprised if you come across Petros the Pelican, the official mascot of Mykonos. Pétros was found by a fisherman after a storm in 1954, and eventually became the locals companion. When he died, the grief of his loss was so deep that a replacement was soon found and the tradition continues.

Mykonos in 3 Days.
Petros the Pelican – Mykonos

Visit Little Venice.

One of the most scenic corners of the island is Alefkántra or Little Venice. Dating back to the 18th century, lined by the white washed houses with colourful balconies  perched over the sea, this is a view which will leave you with a memory of a lifetime.

The heart of the city is closed to traffic which gives you the option to walk along the streets. The best time to enjoy this part of the city is the morning when the city is much calmer and the tourists are either at the beach or sleeping off their long night of partying. The main town can be traveled all on foot and is the best way to enjoy it.

Mykonos in 3 Days.
Little Venice Mykonos

These houses here were built by the early ship captains who decided to settle here and build magnificent homes overlooking the sea. Today, many of these homes have been transformed into cozy restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs, making this a bustling place at all hours of the day. Some of them have been converted into boutique hotels offering unparalleled views of the Agean sea from your bedroom window.


You can relax in one of the waterfront cafes and admire the views of the iconic  windmills of Mykonos. 


The Windmills of Mykonos.

These iconic windmills overlooking Little Venice date back to the 16th century when the people of this island used it to grind their grain. The windmills are no longer operational and stand as a monument to early innovation. The windmills are the first thing seen when coming into the harbour of Alefkandra, as they stand on a hill overlooking the area. They are all cylindrical in shape, white with very small windows. Such windmills are found in almost all Cyclades islands.


The windmills have some of the best views overlooking Little Venice. A great place to watch the sunset over Mykonos.

Mykonos in 3 Days.
Little Venice Mykonos

The Beaches of Mykonos 

The beaches of Mykonos are famous for their golden sand and crystal clear waters. There is a beach for every taste. If you want to party, then Paradise and Super Paradise beach is for you. If you want a more family friendly beach, you can head to Ornos and Lia. But if you are after a trendy beach, where the celebrities have been spotted, then you should go to Psarou.


The beaches of Mykonos are the most popular tourist attractions in Greece so most of them are well organised with all the required facilities. They offer great seaside accommodation including swish beach bars, restaurants and water sports centres. The island is a paradise for water sport enthusiasts. It is only natural that the “Island of the Winds” should attract surfers and sailors from all over the world.

Mykonos in 3 Days.
Beach bars – Mykonos

Paradise Beach –

Is Paradise Beach Bar child friendly? After some clarification from our hotel staff we visited the famous Paradise Beach which I had heard so much about. We were advised that if you visited the beach in the morning it was family friendly with lots of children and to my surprise it was.

Mykonos in 3 Days.
Paradise Beach – Mykonos

There were loads of families enjoying the beach and it was a complete opposite to what you see and hear about it being a mad party destination. However if you are looking for family fun – make sure you are here early and leave by late afternoon as this is when the party begins. We returned that evening without the kids and this was another place completely. Home to the renowned Tropicana Club it is a party paradise.

Nightlife in Mykonos in 3 Days.

Mykonos is a known as a party island and has some of the best nightlife in Greece. The best way to enjoy the party island is by visiting the bars in Little Venice and watching the sunset. Enjoy the fancy selection of cocktail and as the night progresses you can are in high spirits and ready to hit the party spots in the island.

Best party places in Mykonos in 3 Days.

My favourite would be Caprice and Galleraki Cocktail Bar. Besides the island’s extreme nightlife, Mykonos boasts of vibrant and day-time party destination. Home to some of the best beach parties all day long – head to the famous beach bars – Tropicana, Nammos, Scorpios and Jackie O on the beach. The options are endless.

If you want to try the finest try the more relaxed and upmarket establishment Bonbonniere.

The party never stops on this Island.


What to Eat in Mykonos 

The opportunity to treat yourself to some local Aegean specialties! Pepper flavoured kopanistí, a soft cheese seasoned with pepper, is the island’s gastronomic trademark.

Meat eaters can sample “loúzes” (cooked pork filet with spices) and tasty local sausages sprinkled with pepper.

To finish off your meal you can sample local pastries, “amigdalotá” (small round cakes with ground almond, rosewater and caster sugar) and honey pie.

Where to Eat in Mykonos 

When it come to food there is plenty to choose from. With an exciting and ever evolving restaurant scene, Mykonos is a destination for foodies. The island is home to some of the best restaurants in Greece serving anything from the finest to quick fast food.


Kiki’s Tavern – 

One of the most popular and cozy tavern, is perfectly located above the beach at Agios Sostis. Food is grilled outdoors on a charcoal barbecue because there is no electricity. A very different experience and one you will never forget. With no electricity they don’t have a specific website nor a phone you can call to book a table so you need to go there yourself.


Katerina’s Bar – 

Katerina’s Bar and Restaurant is ideally located in Little Venice with which stunning views over the water and the historic windmills and some great food.

Eva’s Garden 

Tucked away in the heart of the Old Town is this wonderful restaurant serving quality local Greek specialties. You must try the spanikopita (spinach pie) or tzatziki and grilled fresh bream. The restaurant is intimate and romantic, with guests seated on a small outdoor patio shaded by hanging vines.

Cavo Paradiso –

The 3,000-capacity clifftop danceteria where some of the most famous DJs from around the world have left their mark. A great bar and food to keep you charged up.

My favourite – Caprice. 

Located right on the water’s edge in Chora, with the sounds of the waves and overlooking the windmills it is just out of this world. It offers some of the best cocktails on the island and unparalleled views of the island – this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy Mykonos.


Jackie O’ – 

Besides being one of the most famous beach clubs in Mykonos, the menu served in this sensually curved space offers some of the brightest, lightest, most enjoyable food on the island.

Mykonos is surely the party animal of the Cycladic Islands. But there’s more to this island then just partying, the dazzling sand, highly fashionable stores, chic restaurants, a celebrities playground and unparalleled views that make Mykonos what it is. 


Mykonos in 3 Days – My list of Must Do and See

  • Explore the alleys of Chora (Mykonos Town)
  • Party at Tropicana on Paradise Island. 
  • Enjoy the sunset whilst sipping a cocktail @ Caprice
  • Get photographed with the windmills the most famous monuments of the Cyclades Islands.
  • Go on a shopping spree along Matogianni.
  • Admire the views of Little Venice. 
  • Visit the Panagia Paraportiani church, the most important architectural and religious monument of the Cyclades Islands.
  • Sample traditional Greek food at Kiki’s tavern.
  • Cruise the Delos Island. 
  • Sunbathe on one of the many beaches of Mykonos.
  • Snorkel and dive at the Paradise House Reef.
  • Above all come fall in Love with Mykonos the Island of Winds. 

Next Stop Santorini.... We started our journey of Grecce in the capital Athens followed by Mykonos and onto Santorini.

Hope this helps you plan your trip of the Greek Islands.

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Mykonos 3 days
Sunset – Mykonos
3 Days in Mykonos
thetrraveller – 3 Days in Mykonos
3 Days in Mykonos
Little Venice – Mykonos
The Best of Mykonos in 3 Days.
The Best of Mykonos in 3 Days.


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