Turkey’s answer to Las Vegas, Antalya is the new holiday destination for Sun Sea and Sand. With Vegas style hotels along a long sandy coastline and great weather almost all year round this is a top holiday destination in the making. When I first heard about Antalya I was not sure of what to expect or even consider visiting but as I started doing my homework it got more and more appealing. So lets find out about Things to do in Antalya & Lara Beach

Things to do in Antalya & Lara Beach
Hotel in Antalya – Delphi Imperial

About Antalya

Located on the south-western coast of Turkey, Antalya and Lara Beach are fast becoming very popular beach holiday destination. It’s close proximity to the UK makes it very attractive for the British. With year round sunshine and average temperatures of 30 degrees, it is the perfect destination if you after some sun sand and sea. It is still quite affordable if you book in advance and the quality of the hotels and service in next to none.  Welcome to Antalya and lets find out about the things to do in Antalya & Lara Beach

Why visit Antalya?

A beautiful coastline, which stretches between Lara Beach and the town of Antalya is also know as the Turquoise Coast. This is because of the waters which is so clear and appears turquoise when the sun is shining. Guaranteed sunshine for most of the year and some great beach resorts.

Things to do in Antalya & Lara Beach
Things to do in Antalya & Lara Beach

Best time to go Antalya

Even though the weather is great all year round the best time to visit Antalya is either May or June before it gets very hot or late September after the intense heat of the peak summer months and far less tourists .

How to get to Antalya

With a wide range of airlines flying in from UK and Europe it is quite easy to find direct flights in Antalya. A 3 hours flight from London and you are in Antalya Havalimani airport. If you can’t get a direct flights then your closest choice is Istanbul which is well connected to the world.

Once you land in Antalya Airport you can get a cab to take you to Lara Beach or Antalya depending on where you want to stay. Most hotels offer transportation from the airport in Antalya and if you can strike a deal, you might get a free ride.

Where to stay in Antalya?

If you are after a beach holiday the you answer is Lara Beach. You can also visit the City of Antalya which is less than an hour away from Lara Beach. A choice of hotels and resorts to suit all budgets.

Flight over Antalya

I would easily call this as Turkey’s answer to Las Vegas. With a large strip of the coastline  lined up with some of the most swanky hotels there is plenty of choice.

Some of these hotels are even modelled on world-famous landmarks such as the Kremlin or the unsinkable Titanic . 

Our choice –  The Delphin Imperial Lara Beach.

Being listed among the 100 Best Hotels in Europe and a principle to serve maximum comfort, I could not have asked for anything better.

With a private beach, this seafront hotel features luxurious interiors with numerous outdoor and indoor pools, a spa, sports activities and plenty of entertainment for all ages.

The rooms are contemporary design with some of them having stunning views of the sea.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served as an open buffet in the main restaurant with many options of private dining in some of their other restaurants that serve International cuisine.


There is also a Turkish bath in the Spa which I would highly recommend.

Antalya city centre is 9 miles from the hotel and Antalya Airport is a 20 minute drive away.

There are a few shops just outside the hotel so you can walk  along this stretch in the evening and get your fix of local souvenirs and their speciality leather goods.

Overall one of the best all inclusive hotels I have visited without a doubt and one I would love to go back to.

Things to do in Antalya & Lara Beach

Beaches in Aantalya

With over eight kilometre of sandy beach and gentle waves Lara beach is without a doubt the place to be in this area. A large stretch of sandy beaches but majority of them are privatised by the hotels themselves.

The beaches offer water sports, if you fancy having some fun.

Visit Antalya Town – 

If you want to escape the luxury of your hotel and experience local Turkish life then your best option is to head to the town of Antalya. The majority of the towns architecture is quite modern. Here you can find shopping centres selling some big brand names as well as local sellers showing off their crafts.

There are plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes if you fancy spending a day or an evening here.


Discover the Old Town of Antalya

What took my fancy was the old town with its winding cobblestone streets filled with historic ruins and some beautiful Ottoman architecture. The most interesting place to explore is the old city of Kaleici, surrounded by ancient stone walls, a Clock Tower and a Roman arch known as Hadrian’s Gate.

You can also visit Antalya’s Archeological Museum, where you can see some of the artifacts from the ancient cities of this region.

Go shopping in the Boutiques and bazaars of Antalya old town. 

You can find some great bargains in the shops and bazaars of Antalya selling leather goods, jewellery, handmade crafts and Turkish delights.


Things to do in Antalya & Lara Beach

  • Walk along Antalya’s old harbour and enjoy a tea at a pretty cafe.
  • Visit the ancient ruined city of Aspendos 40 km from Antalya.
  • Admire the most distinctive landmark in Antalya the Yivli Minare (fluted minaret).
  • Stroll the cobbled streets of the old town of Kaleiçi with its whitewashed walls and red-roofed Ottoman mansions.
  • Enjoy walks along the coastline stretching away from Antalya with beautiful sunsets.
  • Try your luck with the local ice cream man’s tricks.
  • Get pampered in the Turkish baths.
  • Relax at the all inclusive hotels and sip a cocktail by the pool .
  • Try local ottoman cuisine.

Overall if you are looking for a relaxed few days by the sea then there is no better place the Antalya.

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  1. Antalya looks interesting beach town in Turkey with lot of interesting places to visit. I love turquoise waters and so I would definitely love this Turquoise coast it has perfect clear waters. Also Antalya town is lovely with those rustic architectures, quaint houses, traditional handicraft shops and historic ruins.

  2. Turkey’s answer to Las Vegas? I can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing! But by the looks of it all its quite fun. Can’t believe they have a hotel the shape of a cruise liner! I think I’d enjoy the Old Town, meandering through the cobblestone streets looking for hidden treasures and things to eat. The beach looks fabulous though. Bet it gets crowded!

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to Antalya and now I want to go more! The old town is more interesting to me than the beach, as I love this old Ottoman style buildings. Turkish food is also incredible, so I’d be filling up a lot on the local dishes. Your hotel sounds like a great choice for the city too.

  4. What a great new place to visit! I would choose to stay at one of the hip resorts on Lara Beach and take a day trip over to Antalya. Its nice to know that there is more to do than just lay next to the pool or beach!

  5. Antalya looks amazing. The color of the sea is so rich and spectacular. I’d love to walk in the town and buy some of those handicrafts in the markets

  6. I would love to stay at Lara Beach! I’ve only been to Marmaris in Turkey, but really need to explore more – Antalya looks perfect! Thanks for sharing, it looks beautiful.

  7. I am always so happy to learn about a new destinations! Antalya & Lara Beach added to the list for our visit to Turkey! It looks great in pictures and there is a lot to explore. We would prefer to venture there preferably late September as suggested here that there would be far less tourists then! Off season has its own charm. Do you think one can get better deals too at that time?

  8. I didn’t know Turkey has such a beautiful coast line (also never heard of Antalya)!! I would love to visit there someday, especially considering I’ve only been to Istanbul and would love to explore more of Turkey.

    Any recommendations where to dine out in Antalya??

  9. Antalya looks like it’s really grown up and presents itself as a grand resort with some very impressive hotels. The beaches look long and clean, but it’s the town that interests me, would love to explore.

  10. What a lovely combination of gorgeous waters, cobbled stone streets with old town charm, Turkish food and colourful bazaars and such swanky hotels! I have heard of Antalya but couldn’t make it when we visited Turkey because we had only a week and wanted to see Cappadocia and Istanbul. We did visit Kusadasi and that was gorgeous too but I guess whenever I visit Turkey again, I am definitely going to Antalya!

  11. It feels great to know a place like Antalya exists in Turkey. Through press you only seem to hear about things like coupe or financial issues. But amidst all the turmoil it is great that they are able to create and maintain such a beautiful and lively place.

  12. A Titanic hotel!? How fun!!! Turkey’s actually high up on my list (for Cappadocia), but I never knew this beautiful place even existed! The old street looks beautiful an I’d definitely love to explore it someday!

  13. I never knew such beautiful places like this, existed in Turkey.
    The scenery is magnificent and the architecture in Antalya Old Town is spectacular. I could easily spend the day wondering through the cobbled streets and mixing with the locals. I would love to experience a Turkish Bath.

  14. I visited Antalya 8 years ago. Nice city. Did you have a chance to discover cities around?

  15. I love reading your posts, they are always so informative. I’ve actually never even heard of this area of Turkey but can see why it’s becoming so popular. Thanks for introducing me to a new location!

  16. Antalya looks like a beautiful paradise! I hope to plan a trip to turkey and will definitely include it in my itinerary! Thanks for this very informative post!

  17. I have never been to Turkey but this looks like a perfect travel destination, especially for families. The beaches look very clean but absolutely amazing seem to be the hotels. Especially the The Delphin Imperial Lara Beach really looks like it could also be in Las Vegas. Very impressive!

  18. Hi Amar, Antalya & Lara Beach seems like the perfect beach vacation town for UK! We didnt get to visit it on our trip to Turkey. Maybe next time… I’ll pin your super informative article for later.
    The Turkish food is one of my favorite. The picture is perfect!

  19. Lara Beach does look a bit like Las Vegas doesn’t it, not what I would have imagined it to be in this part of Turkey. We stayed in Antalya but did not make it down to Lara Beach. Antalya is a must, so much history in the old town and so interesting just to wander around and get lost. The views from there over the harbour are a must see.

    • It is surprising and not something you would expect in Turkey. A great place to visit though.

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