New York! The City that never sleeps and the most visited city in the USA. It is truly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and there is a lot to see and do in New York. in this post I am going to stick to What’s new in New York

What's new in New York
I love NYC

About New York

A melting pot of American and world culture there is something special about this city. Whether you are a tourist or a local there is something for every budget, style and taste but above all the centre of all the limelight is Manhattan. With a hidden gem around every corner of Manhattan, it can keep you occupied for hours and days.

Did you know it was originally named as New Amsterdam by the early Dutch settlers and later changed to York after the British Duke of York in 1664? 

It is the most diverse and populated city in America and is made up of five different boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.


With residents from every part of the Globe New York is truly a world class city and one to add on your bucket.


Things to see in New York

You cannot think about New York without the beautiful Art Deco style skyscrapers that are synonymous with this city but the heartbeat of this city is Times Square.  

I always make it a point to visit Times Square at least once on every visit. This is followed by a walk around the concrete jungle admiring the Empire State and the other Building.

Take a walk along 5th Avenue followed by the breath taking views of Manhattan from the Observation Deck of the Rockefeller Centre. 


You can go on and on about the things to see and do in New York but in this post I wanted to talk about What’s new in New York

The 3 new attractions in New York

  • The Vessel @ the Hudson Yard
  • The High Line.
  • The Oculus @ the World Trade Centre.

The Vessel – What’s new in New York

The latest kid on the block, The Vessel was unveiled to the public in March 201.

The Vessel is the centre piece of Hudsons Yard, the most expensive and largest real estate projects in American history.

What's new in New York
The Vessel @ The Hudson Yard

It is a honeycombed shaped flight of stairs designed by the famous British designer Thomas Heatherwick. The Vessel consists of 154 flights of stairs that lead you to the top of the structure giving you some phenomenal views of the Hudson River and West side Manhattan.

From the first piece of the design being laid out to the completion it took six years to plann, design and complete the Vessel. It is more like a three dimensional park in the air.

The structure stands out between the tall buildings around it and your first view of it is just wow.

The Vessel has been criticised by some but loved by the many and is the new place to visit on the NYC tourist trial.

What's new in New York
The Vessel

There is a lot to do and see around the Hudson Yards complex and you can easily spend a few hours here. You can visit one of the many restaurants or grab something from the food hall or simply enjoy the Public Square Gardens.

There is a high end shopping mall where you can spend your cash in true New York style. 

How to get tickets for the Vessel.

Reservations can be made online to climb the giant steps of the Vessel or you can try your luck at the ticket counter at the yard. It is free to the public, but tickets are required.

The tickets give you an hour long window to arrive in and there are no limits as to how much time you can spend on top of the sculpture.

Is there a disabled lift in the Vessel? There are facilities for disabled access via a lift.

What's new in New York
Views from the top @ the vessel

If you are looking to visit New York then make sure you add this to your list of things to do in New York.

Climb the soaring spiral staircase and enjoy those remarkable views from the top of the Vessel.

  • Advance Tickets: Free on-line tickets available for two week time periods
  • Same-Day Tickets: Upon arrival, speak with a Vessel Ambassador in the Public Square and Gardens
  • Opening timings – Monday-Sunday: 10:00am-9:00pm

Get all the details @ The Vessel

What's new in New York
The Vessel

The High Line What’s new in New York

When the sun is shining, a walk along the cities new green space is the perfect way to enjoy it. What is the High Line? The High Line is an elevated freight train line transformed into a public park on Manhattans Westside.

The Line was saved from demolition by neighborhood residents and was transformed into a public space where visitors could experience nature, art, and design.

It is owned by the City of New York and maintained and operated by the Friends of the High Line a nonprofit organization in partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

What's new in New York
The High Line NYC

The High Line originates at the Lower West Side of Manhattan and runs from Gansevoort Street to the Meatpacking District and is roughly 1.45 miles long.

It is not too far from the Hudson Yard so you can either start your trip with the Vessel and follow on to the High Line like we did or the other way around.

How long does it take to walk the entire High Line in NYC? It takes roughly 30 minutes to walk the entire stretch of the park where you can take photos and admire the green spaces.

High Line - What's new in New York
High Line

The design of the highline is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that normally grew between the rail tracks. The High Line now has roughly 500 species of shrubs, plants and grasses all adaptable to this surrounding.

There is a lot of work done by the public and the friends of the high line including planting and maintaining the gardens on a voluntary basis.

There are various event held throughout the year and this keeps the High Line buzzing and busy long after the trains have stopped yet the lines are alive.

For details of event and info visit @ The High Line NYC.

What's new in New York
the traveller @ High Line

Visit the Oculus What’s new in New York

The original World Trade Centre station first opened in July 1909 and was known as the Hudson Terminal. It was later bought by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and re branded as the PATH during the construction of the World Trade Centre.

Following the 9/11 tragedy a temporary station was opened in 2003 until the World Trade Centre Complex was being rebuilt. Finally in 2016 the new station house known as the Oculus was opened and World Trade Centre Transportation Hub was reinstated to its formal glory.

What's new in New York
Inside the Oculus
The Oculus

About the Oculus.

The Oculus was designed by Santiago Calatrava. It consist of white ribs that interlock high above the ground giving it that absolutely stunning appearance. The design inspired by a child releasing a dove and is a architectural marvel both above and below the ground.

What is the Oculus? Built at a whopping $3.9 million it is a transportation hub and services more than 4 lines. It houses the famous Westfield Shopping Mall as well.

The Oculus leads you to the World Trade Centre Museum and the memorial ground where the original World Trade Centre stood tall.

World Trade Centre - What's new in New York
World Trade Centre – What’s new in New York

One of the most stunning features of the Oculus is the Way of Light.

The Way of light happens every year on 9/11 when the sun shines through the opening, bringing light to the bustling WTC transit center below.

Santiago designed the Oculus in a way that allows sunlight to cross the floor, directly along the axis of the building.

Oculus - What's new in New York
Inside the Oculus

This is a great place to spend a few hours and marvel at the architectural splendour of both the Oculus and the new tower as well.

If you want to visit the museum please buy tickets in advance due to the long queues.

If you are heading to New York soon dont forget to visit The Vessel and The High line in New York.

If you do enjoy your Ramen don’t forget to visit one of the best Ramen place in NYC – Ivan Ramen. Featured on the famous Chef’s Table on Netflix read all about the magic of Ramen. The traveller @ Ivan Ramen.

Ivan Ramen - The best ramen in New York
Ivan Ramen – The best ramen in New York

Hope you enjoyed reading about – What’s new in New York

New York - New things to see in New York.
New York


  1. I’ve been to New York a few times and we always walk the Hi-Line. It’s a great place to view the architecture of New York from and it’s often not at all crowded. We’ve not been to the Vessel yet though and it looks like somewhere we’d really enjoy as we love contemporary architecture.

  2. I have never been to New York but well aware of the city architecture. You have done a great job showing different types of crazy architectural pieces of the city. Walking the Hi-Line is a cool idea to get a view of the whole city. It’s a different level madness, those buildings like the Vessel and Oculus are just so photogenic!

  3. I’ve been to NYC several times and loved this article. You did an amazing job in highlighting different types of marvelous architectural samples of the city. The Hi-Line is one of my favorite places in town. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work

  4. Wow! The Vessel looks spectacular! I must have missed it last time I was there. High Line Park is one of my all time favourites on this list. Thanks for sharing.

    • Well it only opened in March 19 so unless you were there after that would you have seen it.

  5. Wow! I did not know New York was earlier known as New Amsterdam. there is so much history hidden in the cities. The architecture of the Vessel is simply mindblowing, and so is the Oculus. The High Line Park seems to be a green oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle. These are really some of the great places you shared.

  6. I love architecture and have been seeing a lot of pictures of the Vessel. This is something I would happily travel to check out. I had some inclining of the history of NYC for a while now as many of the areas have links to Black communities but its always great to learn more about the city beyond the skyscrappers.

    • Its the new kid on the block and hope you can visit NYC soon and enjoy all it has to offer

  7. Wow, I did not know that New York was earlier known as New Amsterdam! So much history is to be found in a city. The architecture of the Vessel is simply mindblowing and so is the Oculus. The Highline seems to a green oasis in an otherwise concrete jungle. Thanks for sharing these new places in New York.

    • Some great architecture this city has to offer and if you do like it its a great place to visit.

  8. I did not know that New York was initially called New Amsterdam! While reading your post, I was wondering how I missed visiting The Vessel on my trip (I went about five years ago) and then I realised that it has opened only earlier this year so that is why! I absolutely love New York, its one of the very few big cities that appeal to me and I do not mind going back to! And I can see there’s new stuff for me to explore!

  9. I’ve only been to NYC once and have been itching to go back. I love The High Line and think that other cities should start creating their own. It’s such a great way to help out with the air quality and also give residents a new vantage point of their city!

    • Complete agree with you about every city trying to create its own high line. I would love to see one in London

  10. I visited New York for the first time a couple of years ago and I have to say I was slightly disappointed. I probably expected too much. The Oculus does look incredible though!

  11. I really like walking the Hi-line; it’s a nice walk and somewhere a little different in NYC too. We’ve an apartment not so far from the Vessel, and I’m still not sure I like the design. Maybe it’ll grow on me the next time we’re back. The Oculus is very cool and dramatic too.

    • I really enjoyed the highline I must say. A green space in the heart of the concrete jungle.

  12. New York is indeed an iconic city, a world landmark. We have not been to NY and hope to get there some day, sooner rather than later. There is really so much to see and experience in the city. But these new landmarks seem really futuristic in design and spectacular in appearance. The Vessel and the Oculus look out of this world.

  13. It was great to learn new attraction in New York. The High Line is something I find impressive and lovely to experience. The architecture of the rest are splendid. There’s always new in New York!

  14. The Vessel and the Oculus are indeed architectural marvels.They look like spaceships that landed in New York. The Hi-Line is a great idea too. I believe it could be a relief taking a walk in the Hi- Line after a long day spent in the concrete Jungle that is New York City.

  15. Good to know that New York was named as New Amsterdam by Dutch settlers and then as York. NYC has many magnificent architectural wonders and it is great that The Vessel also added in March 2019. The High Line is also worth as it is converted into parks and recreation area by non-profit organisation.

  16. I am absolutely stunned by the architectures of New York city. I can visit this city only to get mesmerized by the brilliant architectural marvels. The Oculus definitely a new architectural splendor. My eyes are wide open when I saw the architecture. I couldn’t believe the fact that it is new station house. Loved reading about the post.

  17. NYC is one of my favorite cities and I love seeing what new attractions have popped up. For my next trip,The High Line and The Vessel will be at the top of my itinerary. The Oculus reminds me vaguely of The Marina Bay Sands. The Ramen place looks interesting, but not quite up my alley.

    • There is always something new in NYC and it is one of my favourite cities as well. Hope you can visit again soon

  18. I haven’t been to NYC yet although I was just in the US few weeks ago. I have always wanted to see Macy’s in New York as I have been in other states.The High Line seems to be very interesting and a place I would love to visit. I hope I can visit it soon. It looks so nice and fast-paced!

    • Hope you can visit NYC soon and experience all the new attractions that the city has to offer.

  19. Wow! I am so impressed with the Vessel – what an amazing structure. I love NYC. I can just wander up and down 5th Avenue for ages, I never tire of NYC! I need to return to visit The High Line as well.

  20. That’s an interesting title and it’s indeed a list of fresh places in New york that I havent heard of. The vessel looks amazing. The oculus is an architecture like I have never seen before. The highline too is a great place to hangout. Thanks for the valuable information.

    • Thanks. this is a list of some of the more new attractions in New York. Hope you can sample some of these soon.

  21. It is time for a visit back to NYC. We have not seen the Vessel, the High Line or the Oculus. All of these look like great spots for our next visit to NYC. We will remember to book tickets online to climb the steps of the Vessel. The Oculus would be a great stop when we go to pay our respects at the World Trade Centre Museum. Thanks for giving me some great reasons to head back to NYC.

    • There is something new and inspiring in NYC every time I have visited. Hope you can enjoy these new attractions soon in the big apple.

  22. Ok, my last and only trip to the Big Apple was on my honeymoon in September 2010. So it looks like a lot of new things have come up, the most famous being the One Trade Centre. However I want to do the Vessel. I am totally loving the architecture here and would love to climb all those stairs (then I can say I done my hike for the day). Its nearly ten years on…I think it is time for a return trip 🙂

    • Surely time to return and enjoy the new places. The Vessel is indeed a great place to visit when in the big apple.

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